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We’ve come a long way since our inception as an Italian American social club, established in 1916. Yet we’re proud to say we’ve maintained our old-fashioned, swanky vibe throughout the decades. If you’re looking for an event space, San Francisco has plenty, but none are quite like the Verdi Club.

In 1935, the Verdi Club moved to its present location at 2424 Mariposa Street, and for nearly a century our members have been dancing, dining, and socializing in this storied hall. We have weathered many storms as a community, including two pandemics now, so know that we will continue to host celebrations that honor the past, present and future.

With 18 foot ceilings, sconce lights, and dimming chandeliers, the Verdi Club still depicts its 1930’s charm. Whatever your cause for celebration, you can host your guests in this uniquely classic vintage atmosphere while bringing your own modern vision to life.


Verdi Club featured in

An original song by Jacob Aranda
Recorded by Peter Craft at Boxer Lodge Studio
Mastered by Alex Oropeza
Jacob Aranda- Lead vocal, piano, electric guitar, bass VI
Paula Frazer- Bass and harmony vocal
Sara Gallagher- Banjo and harmony vocal
Sam Berman- Drums and percussion
David Cuetter- Pedal steel

Video shot by Sara Gallagher and Will Ruby at The Verdi Club in San Francisco
Edited by Sara Gallagher
Creative direction by Courtney Stack

Thank you to The Verdi Club and all the friends and family involved for your generous support and creative collaboration.

Our people

Verdi Club President

Delores Homisak

Delores was first introduced to the Verdi Club in 2011 by her ballroom dance instructor, Daniel Singer. The ambiance of a bygone era was so powerful that she immediately recognized the Verdi Club as a special gathering place. In 2013, she joined the Verdi Club as the first female member in the Club’s history. Delores became Recording Secretary, then both Recording Secretary and Financial Secretary and served in that capacity for 5 years. In 2019, she was elected the first woman President of the Verdi Club.

During her first term, Delores drove expansion of membership and refurbishing of the building exterior, foyer and ballroom to highlight the classic art deco style. She recruited new entertainment groups to the perform in the club and expanded outreach to the arts community in San Francisco.

The Verdi Club Board of Directors extended Delores’ term through 2021 to continue to guide the Club through the challenges of operating during the COVID 19 pandemic. Delores once again assumed the role of President in 2024 and is excited to lead the Verdi Club as the organization continues its mission to expand membership and preserve the cultural heritage of the Club. 

Delores Homisak

Verdi Club Chairman of The Board

Samuel Bellicini

Samuel Bellicini joined the Verdi Club Board in 2020, after he learned to dance at Verdi. Sam is a Bay Area native, and he is an Ethics Attorney by trade. Sam is the past-president of the Association of Discipline Defense Counsel, and is a previous defense bar representative on the State Bar Court Bench-Bar Committee. He collects straight-razors and fountain pens, and he likes a good book now and then.
Samuel Bellicini President

Verdi Club Board Member/In-house Designer

Bonnie McGregor

Bonnie, a San Francisco native comes to her Board Membership after falling in love with the club, being dragged there by Annette and Mark Schutz 5 years ago. Wonderful meals and great bands launched the relationship, but camaraderie and historical essence sealed the deal. Old San Francisco comes to life within the charmed space.

The club was begging for an updated interior, Bonnie as a Professional Interior Designer Volunteered her time to first update the bar, followed by the foyer, all new commercial carpeting and then the ballroom. A new paint plan enhances the historic Art Deco exterior and she looks forward to completing the ballroom with a reinvented stage wall.

Pictured here in her Volunteer role of many years as a San Francisco City Guide, a 40+ year old non profit offering 60 weekly tours of the City. 

General Manager

Jason Mulvaney

Jason fell in love with the Verdi Club while attending the Outta Sight Holiday Spectacular in 2011. The warmth of the space and the charm of the people were undeniable and he left knowing he wanted to be part of this special place.

He got that chance when he was hired to manage the Club in 2013. In addition to working with hundreds of clients to produce successful and memorable events over the years, Jason has overseen major redesigns of our commercial kitchen, bar, and ballroom.

On his off time, Jason enjoys playing guitar and working in the garden with his wife and daughter.

executive chef

Sean Gawel

Chef Sean Gawel has more than 24 years of experience in the restaurant industry, working alongside some of the finest chefs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A Chicago native, Sean grew up in an Italian and Irish family, where he learned at an early age that quality food was an essential ingredient to good living. After moving to San Francisco in 2000, Sean decided to broaden his skillset and train in pastry with French chef Stephan Gregoire (formerly with the Aqua restaurant group) at the acclaimed Richmond District gem Chapeau!.

After nine dedicated years at Chapeau!, Sean took his culinary skills to the lauded Michelin star restaurant Frances, where he worked as pastry chef alongside esteemed Chef Melissa Perello.

In 2009, Sean joined the Verdi Club as Executive Chef. Sean brings not only his fine dining experience and large-event catering skills to the venue, but also his family’s influence to create reputable high-end dishes for parties large and small, casual to upscale.

When he isn’t crafting his popular dishes for Verdi Club clientele, Sean enjoys spending his rare free time with his wife and two young children. The Verdi Club is proud to have him on board.

Verdi Club Historian

Annette Schutz

Annette Schutz took on the role of the club’s historian right before its 100th Anniversary in 2016. This is when the magic of the club’s history truly captured her undivided attention. Through months of interviewing the oldest members of the club and uncovering historical data, she helped bring a 100-year timeline of The Verdi Club to life. As co-owner of ArtHaus Gallery San Francisco, Annette was drawn to curating a collection of historical photographs discovered in the basement and attic of The Verdi Club building at 2424 Mariposa Street in San Francisco. It was a natural fit!

The photographs were scanned and printed the same size in a sepia color with descriptive historical captions below each image. Today, the historical timeline and photographs can be viewed in the club’s entry, bar and on the website.

Annette is currently a Verdi club Board Member and Sunshine Chair as well as the club’s historian. “The 100+ year history of the Verdi Club is a poignant reminder that we are custodians of the club,” Annette reflects. “Once we can gather again it will be our time to celebrate friendship and community through raised glasses, laughter, music and dancing. Our continued history in the making.” If you have historical photos to share with her, please email annette@arthaus-sf.com.

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