Verdi Club Membership FAQs

What is the difference between a Vested Member and an Associate Member?

A Vested Member is eligible to become an Officer or Board Member of the Verdi Club after the first year of membership, and after five years becomes fully vested, having an ownership share in the Club. A Vested Member receives discounted rates for the Verdi Club’s dinner dances and events.

An Associate Member also receives discounted rates for the Verdi Club’s dinner dances and events but does not have an ownership interest.

Both Vested and Associate Members receive the monthly Verdi Club Newsletter; can attend Member Meetings and are eligible to vote in elections of Verdi Club Officers and Board Members.

How do I pro-rate annual dues if I don’t apply for membership in January?
Annual dues are pro-rated at $8.50 per month. For example, if you submit your Membership Application in March, multiply $8.50 by 9 – the months remaining in the year. If you submit your Application in June, multiply $8.50 by 6; if you submit it in September, multiply $8.50 by 3.
My Membership Application is complete and I’ve written my check to the Verdi Club. Where do I send my Membership Application?
You can give your Application to a Verdi Club member or the Club Manager (who will give it to the Membership Chair). Or, you can mail your completed Membership Application and check to:
Verdi Club – Membership Chair 2424 Mariposa Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
How will I know that my request for membership has been approved?
Vested and Associate members receive a Welcome email with a copy of the Verdi Club By-laws when their membership is approved by the Board. Vested Members also receive a gift certificate in the mail and the pin, while supplies last. PINs will be provided at the first event that a new member attends.
Can I upgrade my membership to a Vested/Full membership?
Yes, an Associate member may submit the Membership Upgrade Application Form to the Membership Chair for consideration by the Board. There is a $300 Vesting Fee that is due with the application.
Depending on when the application is approved, annual dues may be assessed for the year if they have not already been paid.
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